Self Isolation

During the covid lockdown I have not had access to my usual resources ,so I decided to tackle the fear issues in my art and as I pondered this I realised that I needed to draw more,increase my mark making skills and face my love/hate relationship with selfies and portraiture. I started off drawing selfies very badly and have been researching ,following advice on some youtube channels and basically sticking with practicing .I am still not that good yet but have enjoyed the process and have completed a 30 day self-portrait challenge.I will revisit again,but have now moved on to a 90 day watercolour challenge.

Spring Challenge 2021

This year has flown quickly,and Spring is here.My challenge for this quarter is colourist inspired,harmony and equiluminence.

I am continuing my exploration into portraiture and figurative work,but with an abstracted edge.I love the possibilities in paintings of “what happens next ? “ where you as the viewer have to decide.

I also like the depth of feeling in abstract expressionism.

Pulling on the two has infinite directions to explore.Therefore I will set some limits to anchor my explorations in order to not get lost in process.

The journey continues.

watercolour challenge

Adding to my daily walks I have given myself a 90 day watercolour challenge.I was inspired by the apple blossom ,and wanted to paint them.I found a couple of hints and tips on you tube from artist Anna Mason.She has also made available 2 downloadable tutorials for free. Having reminded myself to slow down and watch the paint dry,I thoroughly enjoyed her challenge,and kickstarted my 90 days.

Feral Art

One of the things I like to do is use materials to hand to make things.

I have used fleece and handspun yarn, hand dyed cloth using plants,made crochet hooks from sticks,woven baskets and now I am making my own drawing implements and dip pens,ink from oak galls,and handmade paper,gathered from materials on my daily walks.

Collaboration with Kally and Kim


I enjoy the relationship between the natural geographical space we occupy, and our internal response to this space, occupied as it is with people, objects of significance, animals and birds .The heart response can also be the place of cross over between imagination and spiritual awareness ,where the landscape is also occupied by memories, archetypes and angels . Ever since I was a small child I have enjoyed drawing and colour.Later I discovered painting printmaking and sculpture, completing a B.A in Fine Art at Norwich school of Art and Design [Now Norwich University of the Arts] as a mature student.